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In this sequel to the much-loved A Cat Called Dog, we rejoin the gang – George, Eric, François, Miss Fifi and, of course, Dog himself – as they embark on a quest to find the mother of three lost kittens.

Daisy, Maisie and Boo last saw their mother when they escaped from a cat-catcher, and now have no idea where she is. Enter George, who appoints Dog as leader of the expedition to reunite them.

On the way, they encounter a Siamese cat, Hettie, who shows them the way, as well as two celebrity TV star cats – Christopher and Doris.

They also have to survive great dangers, including killer slugs and dinosaurs!

Will the cats be able to find the kittens’ mother? And will Dog realise that there is a traitor in their midst before it’s too late?

A Cat Called Dog 2 (The One with the Kittens) is a great fun book suitable for children and cat lovers of all ages, which can be enjoyed as a stand-alone read without knowing the first book A Cat Called Dog (2015).



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