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Reports of ghostly music playing in the dead of night, apparitions drifting along the tower parapets, a mischievous child ghost stealing keys, an old butler living in the shadows and an Iron Age warrior.

Built on the grounds of an old Roman ruin, Livingstone Hall Country House Hotel and Spa has a long history of unexplained and tragic deaths. Paranormal investigators from around the world have been perplexed by the hauntings, with numerous ghost sightings felt, heard and seen by guests.

Delve into this collection of ghostly short reads and find out more about Livingstone Hall’s chilling past.

The Saturday Ladies Bridge Club is not what you think. It’s a writing group of women who always meet on a Saturday, and as they live on both sides of the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne, Australia. This means someone always has to drive across it to attend meetings. Seven of the group have written one story each for this anthology.

One member of the group is a bona fide ghost hunter in the old port town of Williamstown, in Melbourne, Australia.

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