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Recently, someone asked me for a list of women who write and speak about legal technology. Then, it happened again. This got me thinking: why not highlight some of the outstanding women in this genre? (Note: I must give credit to my colleague, Jared Correia, who suggested the original idea for a post based on a list I had drafted for another colleague.)

Below, I’ve put together my “Women You Should Follow” list, which includes a number of women who write and speak about law and technology, as well as some amazing women that produce excellent content related to just the legal industry. Let me begin with the caveat: this list is not meant to be exclusive by any means, rather a sampling of some of the women that I think you should look out for. Please add your own favorites (including yourself) to this list in the comments. I don’t purport to know everyone in this space, and since my work focuses on law practice management for solo and small firms, my selections are consistent with such.

Drum roll please…

Let’s begin with Law Technology Today’s managing editor, Gwynne Monahan (@econwriter5). Gwynne not only manages and edits this blog, but also the LTRC website and resources generally. Her mantra: “Write Well. Edit Better.” You can find Gwynne writing and sharing just about everything, but with a focus on law, technology, and social media.
Under Gwynne’s lead, a number of other women in technology have joined LTRC as contributors. Here are a few of those contributors (you can find the full list, here):
  • Adriana Linares (@AdrianaL) – Founder of LawTech Partners and host of New Solo podcast on the Legal Talk Network.
  • Allison Shields (@allisonshields) – Founder of Legal Ease Consulting and author of multiple books, including How to Do More in Less Time, LinkedIn in One Hour For Lawyers, and Facebook in One Hour for Lawyers.
  • Caitlin Moon (@inspiredcat) – Blogger at www.inspiredlawblog.com.
  • Carol Levitt (@CAROLELEVITT) – Founder of Internet for Lawyers and author of multiple books, including The CyberSleuth’s Guide to the Internet, Internet Legal Research on a Budget, and Google Gmail and Calendar in One Hour for Lawyers.
  • Debra Bruce (@LawyerCoach) – President of Lawyer-Coach LLC.
  • Joyce Brafford (@Joyce_Brafford) – Practice Management Advisor and Assistant Director of the Center for Practice Management for the North Carolina Bar Association.
  • Julie Tolek (@ThinkPinkLaw and @legallyblondbos) – Attorney at ThinkPinkLaw.
  • Lisa Solomon (@lisasolomon) – Owner, Lisa Solomon, Esq.: Legal Research & Writing.
  • Nicole Black (@nikiblack) – Director of Business Development and Community Relations at MyCase, blogger at Sui Generis, and author of Cloud Computing for Lawyers and Social Media for Lawyers.
  • Pegeen Turner (@pegeenturner) – President of Legal Cloud Technology.
  • Sharon Nelson (@sharonnelsonesq) – Co-founder of Sensei Enterprises, blogger at Ride the Lightning, co-host of The Digital Edge and Digital Detectives podcasts on Legal Talk Network, and author of multiple books, including Encryption Made Simple for Lawyers and The 2015 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide: Critical Decisions Made Simple.
  • Victoria Santoro (@TheLimberLawyer) – Attorney and blogger at The Limber Lawyer.

Wow, that list covers many on my “follow” list. But, I’ve got a few more women to top it off.

  • Alison Monahan (@GirlsGuidetoLS) – Founder of The Girls Guide to Law School and co-founder of Trebuchet Legal (@TrebuchetLegal), Bar Exam ToolBox (@BarExamTools), and Law School Toolbox (@LawSchoolTools).
  • Betsy Munnell (@BetsyMunnell) – Owner of EHMunnell and blogger at http://ehmunnell.com/blog/.
  • Beverly Michaels (@OreLawPracMgmt) – Law Practice Management Advisor for the Oregon State Bar Professional Liability Fund and blogger at http://oregonlawpracticemanagement.com.
  • Britt Lorish (@blorish) – Partner at Affinity Consulting Group (@affinitytech).
  • Carolyn Elefant (@carolynelefant) – Founder of MyShingle (@myshingle) and author of Solo by Choice: How to Be the Lawyer You Always Wanter to Be and Social Media for Lawyers.
  • Catherine Sanders Reach (@catherinereach) – Director of Law Practice Management and Technology for the Chicago Bar Association.
  • Debbie Foster – Partner at Affinity Consulting Group (@affinitytech).
  • Diane Ebersole (@DianeEbersole) – Law Practice Management Advisor for the Michigan State Bar’s Practice Management Resource Center.
  • Emma Durand-Wood (@emmaewood) – Web Content Strategist at Stem Legal Web Enterprises and blogger at Stem’s Law Firm Web Strategy blog.
  • Haley Odom Ackerman (@HaleyOdom) – Founder of Odom Ackerman Consulting and blogger at http://odomackerman.com/blog/.
  • Jennifer Ellis (@JLE_JD) – Attorney, blogger at http://www.jlellis.net/blog/blog/, and author of WordPress on One Hour for Lawyers.
  • Katie Floyd (@KatieFloyd) – Attorney, blogger at http://katiefloyd.me, and co-host of the Mac Power Users podcast on the 5by5 network.
  • Laura Calloway (@LCalloway) – Director of the Practice Management Assistance Program for the Alabama State Bar Association.
  • Lee Burgess (@Leefburgess) – Founder of Amicus Tutoring and co-founder of Trebuchet Legal (@TrebuchetLegal), Bar Exam ToolBox (@BarExamTools), and Law School Toolbox (@LawSchoolTools).
  • Martha Sperry (@advocatesstudio) – Attorney and blogger at the Advocate’s Studio.
  • Merrilyn Astin Tarlton (@astintarlton) and Joan Feldman (@joanhfeldman) – Managing editors and bloggers at Attorney at Work (@attnyatwork).
  • Natalie Kelly (@NatalieRKelly) – Director of the Law Practice Management Program of the State Bar of Georgia.
  • Nicole Bradick (@NicoleBradick) – Chief Strategy Officer at CuroLegal (@CuroLegal) and founder of Custom Counsel.
  • Peggy Gruenke (@PeggyGruenke) – Founder of Legal Biz Success.
  • Ruth Carter (@rbcarter) – Attorney, blogger at http://carterlawaz.com/blog/ and http://www.undeniableruth.com, and author of The Legal Side of Blogging for Lawyers and Flash Mob Law: The Legal Side of Planning and Participating in Pillow Fights, No Pants Rides, and Other Shenanigans.
  • Shawn Holahan (@LouisianaBar) – Practice Management Counsel for the Law Office Management Assistance Program of the Louisiana State Bar Association.
  • Sofia Lingos (@SofiaLingosEsq) – Attorney and owner of Lingos Law LLC.
  • Stacey Burke (@StaceyEBurke) – Founder if Stacey E. Burke, P.C. and blogger at http://www.staceyeburke.com/blog.
  • Stephanie Kimbro (@StephKimbro) – Fellow at Stanford Law School Center on the Legal Profession and Co-Director of the Center for Law Practice Technology, and author of multiple books, including Online Legal Services for the Client-Centric Law Firm Virtual and Limited Scope Legal Services: Unbundling and the Self-Help Client.
  • Susan Cartier Liebel (@SCartierLiebel) – Founder of Solo Practice University (@SoloPracticeU).
What’s exciting is that this list grows every day as more and more women make waves in the legal technology industry. Hopefully, based on the forgoing, I’ve added a few to your own lists. Keep your eyes peeled for more women in this space, and, of course, please send them along to me so that I might add them to my ever-growing list!